About Us

        We notice and understand how 2020 hasn’t been a year anybody would have ever thought of. All the humanitarian tragedy has placed upon this year all burst into our lives.
        The COVID virus has spread into a worldwide pandemic where people have lost their jobs and lives, causing a high rate of people not being able to have the quality of life they had before the pandemic. Moreover, with police brutality the life lost of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and more to go on has brought up the Black Lives Matter movement that was meant to oppress the American justice system which the world saw and empathized with.
        For that, our company DECOR EVOLVE strives for world’s development and technological advances in order to elevate people's mentality through selling art pieces. We ultimately hope through selling our collections of high end furniture within an affordable price could provide the experience Decor Evolve was created for.
        We believe in creating a new mindset of seeing your daily entities more than just its function. We hope you may take a dive into the artistic atmosphere Decor Evolve is about and truly enjoy what you deserve at the end of the day.